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No signal at slow timebase, DSO7104A

Question asked by cgantz2000 on Jul 22, 2010
I'm using a DSO7104A, using the probe compensator to give me a sample waveform.

I'm putting the following in a loop:
                            .ReadWaveformMeasurement(IviScopeMeasurementEnum.IviScopeMeasurementVoltagePeakToPeak, 50000, ref measuredPktoPkVoltage);
                            .FetchWaveformMeasurement(Agilent546XXMeasurementEnum.Agilent546XXMeasurementVoltageRMS, ref measuredRMSVoltage);

If I have a fast sweep time, faster than about 100ms, I get proper triggering and measurements. If I slow down the measurement, I still see the scop triggered, but no waveform is on the screen and the measurement results show "No signal". If I run the scope normally, not under software control, I get the proper results no matter what sweep speed I set.

Why am I having this problem and how do I fix it.