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Slow count on Measurement mode

Question asked by chan1314 on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2012 by chan1314
Hi All,

I using 7104B scope and i need to collect many samples to perform analysis.
i set RIse time measurement, and start to wait Counter to reach 1K.

I realize that it took more than 1 second to reach samples count to 1k.
i measuring 50MHz signal, from calculation, i should get 1k samples at 200us.

what is going wrong and how can i speed up the time?

i tried to use :DIGitize command, but each time it only increase 2 samples count.

what is the command i can collect all data collected by oscilloscope? i need to collect standard deviation of all the samples data (let say 100k samples) , not the standard deviation of the average samples data (std deviation of 1000 data, and each data is averaged from 1000 samples).

I running measurement at Channel 1, and channel 2 is off. 4GSa/s.
this also happened on DSO5054.

any workaround or trick to collect all triggered data from oscilloscope? I can use PC to calculate standard deviation