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54622A Vertical Resolution from WAV:DATA? command

Question asked by nepeter on Aug 11, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by dnt

I've been using VEE 8.0 to acquire waveforms from an Agilent 54622A oscilloscope, and just saw today that the vertical resolution of the analog input channels can greater than 8 bits.  The user's manual says that at sweep speeds of > 500 us the resolution is 12 bits when averaging is selected with the number of averages being 1.  When I use the "DIG" or "SING" command followed by a "WAV:DATA?" command, however, all 2000 points lie between 0 and 256, which indicates that the resolution is still 8 bits. 

I've been operating on normal acquisition mode until now, and I can see a significant improvement in resolution on the oscilloscope screen.  Does this mean that the RS-232 connection is limiting me to 8-bits?  Or am I missing something?  GPIB is not available on this oscilloscope and floppy disks are too slow.  I have access to a DSO6012A, which has GPIB, but I believe the maximum number of data points is 1000, and I much prefer to have 2000.  Thanks for any insights you can provide!