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SCPI programming commands for U2701A/2702A

Question asked by AmirMoradi on Aug 4, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2010 by holgerh
Since I have used before other Agilent scopes using these SCPI commands and I'm used to use VISA connection and instructions, I really liked to use them for U2701A/U2702A as well.
if you see, it's mentioned that there is no SCPI command available for these USB scopes.

However, if you use "IO Monitor" (a tool which is installed by installing "Agilent IO Library Suite") during normal work of "Agilent Measurement Manager", you can see obviously SCPI commands which are sent by the "Agilent Measurement Manager" and also you can see the responses.
I have used them in my old programs (Matlab or C++) using VISA connections, and they work perfectly, and I do not know why Agilent did not make a document how to control this instrument using SCPI commands.!!!
Another pain with this scope is due to transferring recorded traces to the PC, by each request (even using IVI driver which is strongly recommended by Agilent) you can only get 1250 points for each channel. This scope has 32M points and if you want to get for instance 2.5M point you have to ask scope 2000 times which is a joke and takes ages. I'm really unhappy with this kind of product.

Newly Agilent issued an update on firmware of this scope and you can easily update your scope by installing "AMM v1.8.4.0 Software Download with AMM software pre-requisites" from "pre-requisites" means the new firmware.

By updating the firmware you can get all points of the scope memory by one request which is a great update and definitely helpful. HOWEVER, you can not select a part of the memory still. For instance if you want to get 2.5M points, you have two options:
1- like before access 2000 times !!!
2- get all 16M points and take the part that you need. This option is better than the first one but still time consuming. It's only helpful if you want all memory points.

I really wonder why Agilent did not make essential documents for this product and why they did not provide all the abilities that different customers may need. Agilent is in the market for a long time and they know the needs of the customers. It's strange!