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Not able to transfer data to GPIB Instrument

Question asked by vinni on Apr 14, 2009

I have to communicate with 4 gpib instruments(Multimeter[Instek GDM-8246],DC[AGILENT ,Model 6634B],3 phase AC[Chroma 61701],AC mV SOURCE[Fluke , 5200A-05]) using agilent 82350b gpib interface card.

I have installed agilent interface IO software version 15.1

Now at present i have with me 3 instruments and still have to get other instrument(AC MV).

I have connected  all the 3 instruments in daisy chain.Now the problem is

I am able to connect to all the instruments.but i am able to send the data to 2 instruments only(MULTIMETER and 3 Phase AC Source).I am not able to send data to dc source.

I am testing using connetion expert.There it shows that "Error:The instrument failed to return an IDN string" and when i manually change the properties of the instrument to uncheck the property "Auto-Identify this instrument" connection expert shows the message that  "A Listner responds but no Identification query was done".

I have checked with IRQ conflicts too...When i have checked i saw 2 were having same irq conflicts .so i have disabled other one.Still it soesnt work out.I have rebooted the system too....

Plz help me...i am in great need of it.
am i doing anywhere wrong?????

Thanks in advance