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Playing IQ Data on ESG

Question asked by sami on Aug 25, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2011 by tabbott
I am working with an E4438C (with 506 - 601 - UNB and UNJ options).

I have already downloaded an (externally created, 256 sample) IQ data to the device and the data can be seen on the memory catalog. The size of data is shown as 4110 bytes on memory catalog (however, on my opinion it should be 256 * 4 bytes = 1024).

I need to play this IQ data. I am expecting to see my file under "select waveform" menu on "Dual Arb" mode with 256 points when I enable the custom mode, but it never appears there.
I copied the file to WFM1 memory, this time my data appears as 1027 points, which leads to a file format error while I try to play it.

However I have tried many things, I couldn't be able to play this IQ data. Does anybody have any idea on this issue?

Thanks in advance for your answers...