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About using MATLAB script to connect to Agilent Scope

Question asked by lixiaozhou222 on Dec 20, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by lixiaozhou222
Dear all,
I have some questions about using MATLAB script to connect to Agilent Scope, my scope is DSO 90254A. I have studied the official ''90000A/90000X Programmer’s
Reference'', Programmer’s Reference, which said, ''Before downloading the waveform data in BYTE format, each 16-bit signed integer is converted into an 8-bit
signed integer.'' And by using a matlab script, I have successfully binblockread the signed 8-bit integers(integers like -34,75,...),   the question is, I just want
the origin 8-bits(like 10111001), do you know how to directly read the origin 8-bits(like 10111001) rather than the integer representations(like -34,75..)? Or
could you tell me the format of the 8-bits(if it is two's complement representation?) so that I may convert the 8-bit integers to the origin 8-bits.
Hope I have made it clear.
Thank you for all.
Looking forward to your help.