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HP 8568A problems

Question asked by tketke2002 on Feb 16, 2009
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I recently got hands on a HP8568A. Unfortunatly it is not completely functional and maybe someone has an idea where the start looking.
First problem is that the Graticule lines are not all long enough to fill the outside square, this is the second line starts correct but ends in the half of the last division. The third line starts in the half of the first division and ends corrrect at the end. This goes on to the last line and this for the vertical lines as the horizontal lines. I did the alignment procedure but no help.
Second problem is that the amplitude is not correct in the log scale mode. It indicates -30 dbm for the reference (Should be -10db). However in linear mode the indication is correct.

maybe someone had a simular problem,

thanks a lot,