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command synchronization problems with 86100B

Question asked by hudla on Mar 30, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2011 by hudla
I have problems when executing time consuming commands, such as slow waveform acquisition etc. in VEE. The recommended commands *WAI or *OPC? somehow does not work. I want to acquire 4050 points (one waveform) from the 86100B oscilloscope and then continue with other commands. I have tried following:

:ACQuire:POINts 4050

The scope does not wait for completion of the :ACQuire:RUNTil WAVEFORMS,1 and immediately runs next commands which are not executed properly because the previous command is apparently still running and the scope does not respond. Using *OPC? instead of *WAI does not help. The only way (not very elegant) is to set a long WAIT command and then continue.

Any ideas what am I doing bad?
Thanks, Martin