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Calibration Agilent N9320

Question asked by henriquethiesen on Jun 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2011 by henriquethiesen
I have a spectrum analyzer Agilent N9320, and it is measuring -5,4dB down of the real value.
I connected the REF OUT (signal 10MHz, 0dBm) that stays on rear of the equipment on the RF IN.
The signal measured is 10MHz, but the power is -5.40dBm.
I tested with another spectrum analyzer from ROHDE&SCHWARZ and a RF Signal Generator with the same config, 10MHz, 0dBm. The result was:
The spectrum analyzer Agilent measured 10MHz, -5,46dBm.
The spectrum analyzer ROHDE&SCHWARZ measured 10MHz, -0,3dBm.

Is anybody kwon what’s happening with equipment?

My friend says that this equipment there is a auto calibration. Where can I found this option?

Thank you.
Henrique Thiesen