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HP 71200C (HP 70600a) Input attenuator problem

Question asked by n8phu on Jul 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2008 by hp35665a

   I finally got he power supply repaired in the HP 70001A frame. I ran the system diagnostics and it quit the test with a ERR 60 RF Attenuator fault. I opened the  HP 70600A module, found the programmable attenuator (  I will look up the part number when I get home).

   I took the attenuator out of the module and looked at it. I took the case off of it and found the mechanical switches that switch the attenuators in and out. One of them seems to be binding up a little. I was wondering if I lubricate the switch would it fix the problem.

My question is, what is reccommended as a lube? Light machine oil, sewing machine oil, Graphite?????

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Chris N8PHU