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HP 8563E A6 Power Supply Clip 08564-90004

Question asked by Ron on May 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2011 by MikeM
Hi Folks:

I have an HP 8563E with a bad power supply. I have a shorted diode to ground, taking out the -15V supply. I am unable to determine the part no. (Agilent or generic) of the diode. I do not have the schematic for the supply & it is no loger available. I contacted Parts ID and they would not help because the Analyzer is no longer supported.  This diode is located next to the large ribon cable W1 and just behind the regulator board. Facing the power supply board with W1 in front, it is located on left edge just of the the regulator board. It is paired up with another like diode but not physically or electrically connected.  Can anyone provide me with info on the part number or have access to the Clip?

Any help would greatly be appreciated.