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HP 8563A Schematic for A14 Board

Question asked by stillingsl on Apr 2, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2008 by jborges3
      Firstly again I want to thank you for the A15 board schematics, we were able to trouble shoot the board quickly and actually found that the Q700 transistor had died and therefore that was why the 100 MHz crystal was not resonating (I couldn't find any 100 MHz crystals and upon further review I determined that it is pretty rare that one would fail), anyway I now have most, but not all of the analyzer working. I am still however having a problem with some signals that are coming from the A14 board to the A15 board and some problems with the LODA and Input attenuator. I have replaced the LODA and new one works and I am trying to verify the Input attenuator is bad and not the signals coming from the A14 board. Anyway here are the details on the analyzer again and the A14 Part Number from the board, again any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Larry Stillings

HP 8563A Option H51
Firmware Rev 920504
S/N 3337A02673
A14 Board Number - 08563-60028