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Error Codes 334 356 and 319 on Agilent 8561E

Question asked by Sandor on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2012 by sm7ovk
I am experiencing dificulties with my Agilent 8561E
I am getting the following error codes-334 356 and 319.
I have tried using a waveform generator of different frequencies to see wht the spec-A displays. It only displays inputs ~1GHz and with a 2nd harmonic~30dB down. (input power is -10 to 0dBm) So it doesn't track. if the signal frequency changes to say 500Mhz or 3GHz, nothing is displayed.

All of the error codes have something to do with the 1st LO.
Error 334-LO AMPL 1st LO distribution amplifier is unleveled. The front panel LO OUTPUT must be terminated in a 50W load.
(It is terminated with the same 50ohm load it always had. I have ordered another one)
Error 356-SPAC CAL Sweep data problem finding "bucket 1" of the span accuracy calibration sweep.
Error 319-WARN COA The YTO coarse tune DAC is near its limits.

Any help is very much appreciated