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HP 8563A - Schematic for A15 Board

Question asked by stillingsl on Mar 15, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2008 by jborges3
Hello, I have an HP8563A Spectrum Analyzer that has several issues. At the moment I believe that I have determined that the output from the A21 10 MHz OCXO output is low as the service manual I have says the level at the connector should be 3 V p-p.  I have provided an external 10 MHz source to that connector at the correct level, but still do not have 10 MHz being properly distrubuted to each of the connectors as recommended in the manual. The service manuals do not have schematic level circuit diagrams and I do not know where you can get the CLIP's for this analyzer at this point. I have started making my own schematic but this is painstakingly slow.
Does anyone have the schematic or CLIP for the A15 Board? I believe even if you have a CLIP for the HP 8560A, 8562A or 8563A that would be good enough for me to trace through where the problem lies. Thanks in advance for an assistance.