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8562A Problem - ERR 301, 317, 334

Question asked by jltran on Feb 19, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by jltran
I have a late model (SN 3148A06969), low mileage (Elapsed Time 69 hours), 8562A that has not been turned on in probably a year or more.  When I turned it on, I see ERR 301 (YTO UNLK), ERR 317 (FREQ ACC), and ERR 334 (LO AMPL) that flash back and forth depending on whether I hit PRESET, RECALL PWR ON, or REALIGN LO & IF.  In addition, there is an output at 300 MHz on the CAL OUTPUT though I have not measured it's level.  I do not see a 'peak' on the screen when I connect the CAL OUTPUT to the INPUT and go through the Reference Level Calibration sequence in the Installation Manual.  I have left it on now for about 24 hours and the errors persist.

I suspect I am going to have to dig into the unit and start with the A11 YTO from what I can gather from the Service Manual.  However, I wonder about a missing voltage to the YTO given the relative lack of use of this unit.

I have an 85629B, Rev E, TAM available if that would be beneficial for trouble shooting.

Also, are there any repair and calibration services available for this unit with Agilent or with others?

Any help very much appreciated.