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Problems with Data Capture & scope 54624A

Question asked by msoellnerhaw on Apr 18, 2011
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we have some 54624A scopes with GPIB interface card and a E5810A LAN GPIB Gateway.


We are migrating to Win 7 Enterprise, 64 bit.


I installed
IO Libraries Suite 16.0
IntuiLink Data Capture for Agilent Oscilloscopes, Version 3.90


Installation worked fine, and with the tools of IO Libraries Suite I configured the remote GPIB-Bus and my scope.
This worked fine. By using the tools of IO Libraries I can connect to the scope and can execute GPIB commands.
So connection of IO Libraries works fine and Hardware installation and configuration seems to be correct.


But if use Intui Link Data Capture and try to connect to my scope, no busses (addresses) and no instruments are found.
So connection is not possible. Do I have to configure anything else? Any Hints?


On my old XP with old Versions of Library and Data Capture it worked fine.
Thanks a lot.