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Using DSO6012a with LabView

Question asked by mzabbo on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by cdennison
Hello All,

I'm new to both using an oscilloscope as well as programming with LabView. I'm using a DSO6012a with LabView 2009 (via USB) and am trying to get the scope to capture a waveform for a specific amount of time. I've installed the drivers and do have communication to the scope as well as the "Agilent 6012a Drivers" icons in my LabView pallete. There's parameters that must be wired into these icons and I cannot find a good reference to what each of these parameters does. I've found the programmer's manual for the scope, but they don't show you the icon parameters, rather line code for manual writing to the device. I'm trying to get the scope to acquire data for 10s or so, and send that information to my program. I've been able to get the example programs that come with the driver set to work, but it seems that they only capture for .005s.

Does anyone have a good example or a good reference for using the driver icons for the Agilent scopes in LabView? Any help is appreciated, I'm somewhat stuck.


Mike Zabbo
Project Engineer, Stanley Access Technologies