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HP8558B low S/N compatibility with HP853A

Question asked by figmax on Feb 16, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2012 by FredGar
I've a compatibility problem of my HP8558B  S/N 1707A03258 (low S/N) Spectrum Analyzer plug-in with my HP853A display main frame. Only using it in analog mode, all seems to operate OK. I know that HP in the past released a modification kit for 8558B plug-in with S/N 2145 and lower, HP P/N 00853-60058 including some components plus wire connections to obtain full compatibility between the 8558B low S/N and 853A display. Unfortunately I have no description of modification kit and/or list of parts involved, but only know that two diodes, one zener  and a resistor plus some wire interconnections are required. I analyzed all the schematic and descriptions related in the service manuals of the 8558b plug-in and the display main frame 853A and I suppose that only two diodes plus one zener and a resistor are required with some wire connections. Can someone help me with a detailed description and/or parts list of the modification kit HP P/N 00853-60058 ? I'll be very gratefull for any help. Tnx max