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ADS with Rhode&Schwarz SMBV100A signal generator

Question asked by kaayliah on May 18, 2011
Hello, I am trying to connect R&S signal generator SMBV100A first using GPIB and later tried also with TCP/IP interface. In MAX (v. 4.7.4 ) when I connect this instrument using GPIB or TCP and later open test panel - the instruments are replying to my SCPI querries, so everything looks all right. Later I am using ADS with RSADSIF (R&S software for integrating their instruments with ADS). In RSADSIF I am specyfing right resource string and the instrument is also replying to test queries. Unfortunately when I am starting the simulation (I am using R&S sink) I am getting the error: No Visa resources found, choose "Open " from Menu and specify resources (I already specified them and have the right VISA resource string). I got information from R&S support that it's probably fault of Visa (I have already reinstaled Visa). Does anyone know how to solve this problem?