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ADS netlist import

Question asked by on May 22, 2007

I do have a problem with an ADS netlist import ...

My netlist does include some subcircuits that have more than 100pins. To avoid the trouble with the 100pin limitation I used the option to import as netlist instead of a schematic. As my top level imported circuit has only 82 pins I could create a symbol there without problems.
But (even seeing an example simulating with a "netlist inlcude" component) I could not simulate the design. I did not get any error message, just got no result (I remember, that I got an "invalid" for my S-parameter simulation S(1,1) result).
More accidently I tried once an import as schematic (wich had some warnings, and problems due to the missing 100pin subcircuit) and simulated without disabling the netlist include. The import as schematic did not work, but with the "netlist include" I got a simulation result.

So I played a little bit around, and it seems, that my "netlist include" works only if I do have additonally an empty subcircuit with (in this case) 82 pins where the pins are named according to the netlist.

Different to the example I downloaded from the webpage I do not need to change the portname, but need to have the signal name at the port and the pins of this empty 82 pin subcircuit ....

So basically now I can setup a simulation, but this can not be the right way as it is not described this way, and it is too much of handwork ...

Does anybody have an idea what I'm doing wrong there ?

thanks and regards