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P2D vs. VCA model

Question asked by LI04124 on May 21, 2007
Hello alltogehter,

I am investigating the linearity of a power amplifier by using my own WCDMA testsignals within a envelope simulation. As circuit envelope simulation does not work with the circuit level design (no chance to achieve convergence) I am using either P2D or VCA models of my amplifier circuit.

Now my problem is that with a P2D model I don´t get any bias dependencies into the simulation and with a VCA model I loose information about the frequency response.

Is there a way to get both the bias information and the (power dependent) frequency response into one single behavioral model? I´m thinking about using a large .mdf-file but I´m not really sure if it will be working in a circuit envelope simulation and how to set it up in the best way.

Any help is welcome!

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