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Importing Cadence Orcad/Spice Model to ADS

Question asked by wmlads on May 8, 2007
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hi...i've spice digital models that i use in Cadence Orcad for digital circuits. i want to move to ADS. i used the generic FET model in ADS and manually filled in the spice parameters but the simulation results are off by .3-.5 V, which is significant here, and also the temperature simulations are off (circuits in Orcad and ADS don't work over the same temperature range).

is this discrepency a common thing when moving spice models to ADS? i expected very similar results...difference only in 10e-2 range. the real reason to move the models to ADS is to use DAC, goals and optimizer to extract better spice model using measured data so that digital simulations in Orcad are better.

also is there an automatic way of importing spice models from Orcad to ADS and vice versa. right now i'm doing it manually. thanks a lot.