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custom designed Symbols in hpeesof/circuit/symbols directory

Question asked by on Oct 16, 2009
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I created my own drawing format and placed it in the hpeesof\circuit\symbols directory (dsn + ael file). According to the documentation ADS should look there automatically for any new symbols, but it does not in my case (at least it does not generate an atf on startup).

I have added then the path to the de_sim.cfg:
This does not help.

Then I loaded the ael  manually: 
load ("F:\Daten\EKH\ADS\hpeesof\circuit\symbols\EKH_FormatA.ael")
This generates the ATF and I can use my new Drawing Format.

Then I loaded the corresponding ael in the user_defined_fun.ael:
This generates an atf, but when placing the drawing format I do get the message (de_init_iteminfo)EKH_FormatA Failed to locate the component definition.

Any idea why the ael in the symbol directory is not automatically loaded ?
Any idea why the automatic load of the ael in the user_defined_fun.ael is not working ?

thanks and regards