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Error in DPD ADS Cosim User interface (Samplig rate without decimals)

Question asked by AMPARO on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by mknutson

Good morning,

I am simulating with the SystemVue DPD builder, using the User Interface provided by the program for ADS Cosimulation. I access the UI with: Tools --> Applications --> DPD--> Cosim--> ADS Cosim and the User Interface appears. The sampling rate in the first tab cannot be changed as it is fixed by SystemVue depending on the value of the input parameters (input signal, oversampling ratio, bandwidth and mapping type).

The problem I have is that the samplig rate value fixed by the program is not correct, it has no punctuation sign (comma or point) so the final value is not correct. For example:

For LTE downlink with BW=10 MHz and oversampling=4 the sampling rate is 64.44 MHz as it is said in this example :(

If I write this values in the DPD UI, the value of the sampling ratethat appears is 6144 MHz instead of 61.44 MHz. Attached I include an screen capture of this example.

This happens for all the input parameter combinations that have decimals, so I cannot perform my simulations correctly.

Could you please give me a solution for this problem?

Thanks in advance.