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HB show oscilltion but Transient analysis doesnt?

Question asked by PTHOPPAY on Apr 24, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2007 by wrivas

I am designing a -ive resistance oscillator. When I do a HB analysis and view the output it shows the perfect frequency(4.25 GHz) with sufficent power.

Also I checked with the "osctest" port the loop gain is greater than one at the oscillating freqeuncy and the Nyquist plot also encircles 1+j*0.

But when I try to do a transient analysis there is no oscillation build-up. I tried to have an intial condition set in the transient analysis even then there is no build up.

Can anyone direct me on what might be the problem?

The resonant element is a hair-pin filter.

Thanks in advance.