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HB Simulation of Direct Conversion Receiver

Question asked by lendl on Jul 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2009 by lendl

I'm trying to make a simple RF system noise figure using Harmonic Balance. Since my RF System is composed of a direct conversion receiver, then it follows that the local oscillator operates at the same frequency as that of the RF input signal. I set my input signal at 5.775 GHz at -70dbm, while the local oscillator is at the same frequency with 7dbm. I set the mixing order of the RF and LO signals at 5 while the max mixing order is 5 as well. When I simulate this, a warning message says that more than 1 mixing term has landed on the frequency. Is it ok to shift the LO frequency by a small amount? will this not affect simulation results, given that this should be a direct conversion receiver?