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for-loop in ptolemy?

Question asked by bugsbunny on Jul 12, 2009
Hello everybody,

I'm searching for a method to implement something like a for-loop in ADS Ptolemy.

Until now i'm reading in a file containing many "channel responses" created by a ray tracer (amplitude, phase, distance,...). Each of this parameter sets modulates the sent-out FMCW radar signal. This is done right now by using a DAC component and doing a Paramter Sweep on the index value. After that i need to superpose those modulated FMCW signals at the antenna and then process the data in the RF frontend.
Normally i would use a for-loop for that, but i haven't found something similar in Ptolemy and i dont want to use Matlab cosimulation because computing time is critical too. So how can i implement such a loop?

Thanks for your help in advance