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power sepctral density with SpectrumAnalyzer

Question asked by JENSTIMMERMANN on Aug 27, 2008
Hello, I have a basic question concerning the SpectrumAnalyzer component.
I want to display the power spectral density of a signal in dBm/MHz (1 MHz resolution bandwidth). So,
I have to configure the SpectrumAnalyzer component in a correct way. How is this done ? Is the following way correct ? :
If my signal goes from time 0 until t_max,
I configure the SpectrumAnalyzer with
Start=0;Stop=t_max; FStart=,FStop=,NumFreqs=;NPoints=(Stop-Start)/TStep;
If the signal arrives at the receiver after a delay called t_channel, and I want to plot the power sepctral density of the receive signal, I configure the same way, but Start=t_channel.
To display the data, I choose in the dataset "RectangularPlot", "dBm". To integrate the power spectral density between 3.1 and 10.6 GHz, I write the equation power=spec_power(dBm(psd), 3100 MHz, 10600 MHz).
Can anybody tell me if this method is right ? Thank you.