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Suspended substrate microwave filter for GSM

Question asked by ralf_matz on Mar 27, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2007 by ralf_matz
Hi All!

In Agilent ADS I’d like to design and simulate a microwave bandpass filter for GSM in suspended stripline technology. It should for instance exhibit the following behaviour:

Center frequency at 946,7MHz
Bandwidth 35 Mhz, i. e. from 925 to 960MHz
S11 < -19 dB at passband
Rejection at stopband, at 915Mhz and at 980MHz < -30dB

So far I haven’t found any example project on how to design a suspended stripline microwave filter. The Filter DesignGuides don’t cover this type of filter design either. Could anyone help? How can I set one up? Every suggestion and example is very much appreciated.