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pulse train with jitter and userdefined waveform

Question asked by JENSTIMMERMANN on Aug 20, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2008 by JENSTIMMERMANN
Hi ! In Ptolemy, I want to do a really simple thing: I want to create a pulse train (period T) consisting of user defined pulses including clock jitter around the ideal positions i*T (i=1,2,3,...). Realizing jitter is my problem:
What I am doing is the following: I am using the "WaveForm" component to define the user defined wave form and the clock period. But there is no possibility to add jitter. What can I do ? A suboptimal solution is to put a "VcDelay" (voltage controlled delay) element after the signal, whereas the VcDelay is controlled by a a random voltage source. The problem however is that the VcDelay can only add positive "jitter" delays and only delays between 0 and a maximum value that has to be specified. This is not physical. So my question is: How can I add physical jitter in Ptolemy for a pulse train consisting of user-defined pulses ?
If anybody can help me, thank you very much in advance...