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de_save_all_designs() in 05MSR4, 06U3 and 08U1

Question asked by CWILCOX on Jul 31, 2008
I have written an ael script which includes the following command: de_save_all_designs();  

When I issue the de_save_all_designs() command, it leaves an instance of every kit item from custom loaded design kits used inside the schematic (*.dsn and *.ael) in the _prj directory.  

This happens in both linux and windows for versions 2008U1, 2006U3 and 2005MSR4.  However, when I issue it from the ADS Main window menu pick File/Save All it does not leave these artifacts.  

I found Mats F.'s atf files for 2004a and 2005a, but I believe these are specifically coded for these version and may not operate correctly in 2006 and 2008.  

Does anyone know of a way to issue the de_save_all_designs() command without having the *.dsn and *.ael files of user design kits being saved to the _prj directory?