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Microstrip Ring Resonator

Question asked by LI04124 on Jul 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2008 by ALEPEREZ

I have designed a 1GHz ring resonator - actually it's not a ring but a square - on a substrate with Er=3.5 and a height of about 30mils.
I did the simulation with Momentum, another 3D-simulator and with equivalent circuit models on schematic level.
Now the interesting point is, that my measurement results fit best with the results from the circuit models. Both EM-simulators are well in line with each other but show a slightly higher resonance frequency than the circuit models.

Is it possible that the circuit models are more accurate in this case? (I suppose, I have done the Mesh setup etc. in the EM-simulators correctly as they give very similar results)???

Up to now it is not possible to take surface roughness into account in the Momentum metalization setup, right? Are there any plans to provide this feature?

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