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Momentum and Schematic and RMSA

Question asked by germatron on Jul 14, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2008 by ALEPEREZ

I am working on a stacked micro-strip antenna. I built it as a 4 layer board on Layout.

I wish to do a number of things to it.

1: Add a matching network to fine tune my center frequency and adjust the Q/bandwidth of the circuit.

2: Model a 2:1 balun, verify its s parameters to its data sheet and tie into my antenna and matching network to see the overall system performance.

So whats the big deal with it, right?

Big Deal:

1: Layout and lumped components: It turns out on layout, a lumped  component, such as a cap, does not tie into the antenna. I modeled the antenna as a series of N polygons. My feed patch and lines are on cond 2, the parasitic patch is on cond 1.

Now if I change the layer of the components to bond, it will tie in. However, the simulator will not work because it will be expecting a port on the same layer as cond2.

What am I doing wrong?

2: If I try to create a layout component, so that I may bring it out on schematic, momentum doesn't recognize polygons. Therefore, I would have to construct my patch using microstrip and/or multi-layer board components. So I did this.

However, I am having difficulty into inserting my stacked, parasitic patch. How would I go about this? I tried using a multilayer components, but whenever I try to place my parasitic patch, it comes out as a cond layer. I can adjust the layer to another number, but the shade of it is still cond layer.

I was able successfully correlate my schematic and layout s parameters. I created a look-alike component from layput and inserted into my schematic block diagram, From there I tuned my antenna usin a lumped network. I can't seem to do this on layout. Again, has anyone encountered this?

3: I tried to model my parasitic patch on schematic as a floating open ended stub and as a stub with a port and 50 ohm termination. It works, but looks like ****.

that's alot. I am looking through ADS tutorials, but they are rather vague and outdated (uses 2003). If anyone can help me, so that my company wouldn't waste money from me reinventing the wheel, I would humbly and gratefully appreciate it.