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RE: Modelling of RF Power Combiner in DSP

Question asked by STUKHS on Jan 16, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2007 by STUKHS
Dear All,

I am desperately trying to model a Power combiner (for two unequal signals, with same phase) in the DSP domain.

There is a SummerRF in the DSP, but it only adds up two voltages,

Vout = V1 + V2.

If I have two equal signals, I can model a RF power combiner using a SummerRf, followed by an attenuation of sqrt(2), but the problem becomes
tricky when I want to add the power of two unequal signals.

It is because the real summed power is

Vnew ^ 2 = V1 ^ 2 + V2 ^ 2
Vnew = sqrt (V1 ^ 2 + V2 ^ 2)

I have tried to used a Timed2SDC (using the Maths above) but I think it only works properly for single tone signals.

Please advise.

Kwang Hwee