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Question asked by cato on May 14, 2011
Latest reply on May 22, 2011 by cato

This may be the first of many stupid question by me, so be patient.  I am trying to learn enough about ADS to be able to simulate a costas loop for demodulating PSK (~1ghz).

my problem:
I have opened the design from /Example/RFIC/FSK_receiver and I want to alter it to be a costas loop.  However, the SIMULATE button is not available and when I go to "Simulation Variable Setup..." it tells me that I need to enter valid values for my VAR1 variables.  I suspect that the problem is due to the fact that many of the parameters are simply names (like Rate/2).  I can't find where to define "Rate".  is it possible to define "Rate" or do I have to just replace that with an numerical value?

here is a screenshot of what I am seeing : ... iables.jpg
(sorry for the small image.  ImageShack has gone down hill recently.  I will have to find another image sharing site)