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Surface *Inductance*

Question asked by rogero100 on Apr 24, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2009 by ALEPEREZ
Will Agilent please implement an option in the substrate definitions of ADS-Momentum that allows users to specify a surface reactance in addition to surface impedance?  This would be very useful for modeling superconducting films (where the kinetic inductance effect is relevant).  Currently, we can only supply a surface impedance or conductivity, and so only works over a narrow bandwidth.

Rf/Microwave superconducting circuits are important for sensors going in numerous DOE and NASA projects and are becoming increasingly important for remote sensing applications funded through DOD and DARPA.  There's also a large quantum information research community funded through defense grants that need to model superconducting effects as well for the low-temp transmission lines between SQUIDS.

This should be a very easy addition and the government contracts associated with this research should provide ample financial motivation for this upgrade.  Currently, Sonnet and IE3D can simulate with surface inductance, so you guys have lost some market share to them despite your product being superior in most other ways.