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SolvedSome basic questions about EMPro package simulation

Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Dec 8, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2010 by wangyiliu99

currently I am doing package simulation using EMPro 2009. The structure has 3 layers, the underlying two are the
same ceramic material, in between is the gold conducting sheet. On the bottom side of the lowest layer, there are
four sheet type Au electrodes (port 1 and port 2 being hot, port 3 and 4 as GND).

What I wanted to do is simulation of this package and get the S parameters. Then, export the S parameters file to
other design software, like Ansoft Designer,  link the S-para file to the block, do the simulation in Ansoft designer,
with port 1 and port 2 both 50 ohm terminated.

My simple questions are as follows,

1)Simulations->New FEM Simulation->Mesh/Convergence Properties Setting
In EMPro, for FEM simulation, in the Mesh/Convergence Properties tap setting, in the advanced tap, in the bottom, there is one option, "Merge objects with same material". I wonder what is the advantage of this option? What I guess is that this will speed up the simulation. I am not sure whether this option can be applied to my simulation as described above?

2)Simulation Domain->Boundary Condition Setting
In EMPro, main window left column, there is the Simulation Domain setting, for the Boundary Condition, I am not sure whether I should set the lower boundary of Z to PEC(perfect electrical conductor). I noticed that as in the EMPro offered example "microstrip line", the lower boundary Z is set to PEC since it is used as the GND.  In my case, only part of the lower boundary of Z is GND, therefore I set the lower boundary Z to Absorbing.

3)Cicuit components/Ports setting
There are two options, one is the waveguide port, the other is the feed (line source) port. In my case, I used the line source, I am not quite sure whether I am correct.

4)Simulation Domain->FEM Padding setting
I set the padding to be 1mm greater than the package in X, Y, Z lower and upper dimensions. My question is that whether the S-parameters would be affected by the padding setting? Personally I think it will not be affected.

Sorry for making it so long. Really appreciate your help.

With my best wishes,