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Trouble to view SNP file save from PNA in ADS (data display

Question asked by jaz on Feb 23, 2011

I am having some trouble to view data saved from PNA (in Snp format) using ADS (Data Display Tools).
Here is what i did.
1.Click on Start the data file tool Icon and load the snp file. It indicate data load successfully.

However, the data displayed is incorrect. I wonders if there is any header i should change in order for ADS to view the touchstone file?
Please find my attachment
Filename: S1P format (screenshot of the S1P header used)
Filename: displayed data (screenshot of error in data displayed in ADS) Two errors boxed in RED. First error, S(1,1) data is incorrect. Second, sum of the S(1,1) data with another set of data resulting invalid in frequency (box in RED).

Kindly please help me in this problem. Thank you in advance