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EMPro 2009 Release update

Question asked by MARCP Employee on Jun 15, 2009
Hopefully you've heard about the next release coming: EMPro 2009

We are currently targeting this release for August.  In July we'll be running an Early Access program, so let us know if you're interested in participating (you can send me an email directly).

The most significant new addition is the FEM simulation engine.  So, now you'll be able to run both FDTD and FEM simulations from the EMPro platform. 

The FEM simulation engine can also be run from inside the ADS platform (if you're using "EMDS-G2", it's the same FEM engine).  You can create 3D components in EMPro and then either run FEM simulations directly, or export the component to ADS and run the simulations there.  For example, if you have a circuit design in ADS and want to simulate this together with a package, you can create a 3D package model in EMPro, export it to ADS, then run an FEM simulation together with the rest of the circuit.

Marc Petersen
EMPro Marketing Lead