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Internal port calibration for SMD components

Question asked by Chemic on Mar 30, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2010 by ALEPEREZ
Good Morning,

I am been reading with interest the document No. 315140 (Demystifying Ports and Grounds In ADS Momentum), with particular focus on port calibration for SMD components.

I understood that, to increase the accuracy for the simulation of boards at higher frequencies (how higher?) the fringing effects needs to be neglected in Momentum Simulation as they are already taken into account into component models.

The document shows examples with global ground plane, and here comes my doubt.

My design is extremely complex, with stacked boards and no real ground plane. I have several small grounds in all layers, but they are not connected at layout level, as we wirebond them and so I include wirebonding on schematic simulation.

For this reason I used always open boundaries and internal "probe" ports, as they should be referred to a "virtual" ground, even if not drawn on the layout. To be able to reuse simulation data during co-simulation, I don't define any ground reference port.

Would it make sense to apply the SMD calibration to this setup, or do I risk to get bad results?

Thanks for the support.