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Schottky Diode Model

Question asked by ChaoJeong on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2019 by Kingsley
This is a question about how to model a Schottky Diode.
As we know, schottky diode is diffrent from PN-Junction diode, but only PN diode can be modelled in ADS, and how to model a schottky diode using PN-Junction diode equivalently.

In fact, a schottky diode MA4E1317 will be simulated, and the question is there are so many parameters in Diode_Model option. What are the most critical parameters (such as Is, Rs, and Cjo, or any others)would affect the practical results?

As far as datasheet was referred, some of parameters value are obtained, including Rs, Vj, and Bv and so on. What about other parameters not mentioned in the datasheet?

This is the datasheet about the schottky diode MA4E1317MA4E1317.pdf.And it is grateful to let me know what the most important parameters are in Diode_Model of ADS.