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Sub-Circuit Issues!!!

Question asked by rzanbaghi on Jul 14, 2010

I have few issues with sub-circuits in ADS. It will be appreciated if some one helps.

1) In the circuit that I want to create as a sub-circuit, I have few variables for example let say I have a macro model of an opamp and I want to have a variable for the gain inside the sub-circuit to chande it in the higher level after putting the sub-circuit in the main schematic. I do not know, how to set that variable as a parameter in the sub-circuit like Cadence. That, I can just change those parameters out of the subcircuits.

2) Also, I have a problem with probing the voltages, currents,... of the nodes inside a sub-circuit. For example, when I do AC-simulation and try to prob a voltage inside the sub-circuit (though I have name that node in the sub circuit) I do not have that node between the nodes to be plotted.