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Controlling PNA with IC-CAP

Question asked by DWALKER on Sep 9, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2008 by DWALKER
I ve been trying to control PNA over GPIB interface using IC-CAP.
For start frequency settings i give the following set of commands:

PNA = 16
fn = HPIB_open("gpib0")
dum = HPIB_write(fn,PNA,"SENS:FREQ:STAR 2GHz")
dum = HPIB_close(fn)

It works and start frequency is set on PNA.
Problem is that when i try to take the frequency value from the user and send to PNA it gives the error.
Following set of commands is used:

PNA = 16
fn = HPIB_open("gpib0")
LINPUT "Enter Start Frequency","1GHz", freq
dum = HPIB_write(fn,PNA,"SENS:FREQ:STAR freq")
dum = HPIB_close(fn)

The error which appears on PNA screen is "illegal parameter value" error number-224
Please suggest the solution.