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No Legends on Smith Chart

Question asked by chrisquigley on Jun 12, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2014 by arthurabc
Hi Folks,
            I am currently looking at putting some ADS Smith Chart plots into my thesis but the problem i am having is the plots dont show any axis labels i.e am plotting reflection coefficient on Smith Chart thus would like to indicate centre being 0 and out circle unity and the circle going from 0 to +- 180 degrees just so readers can understand the plots. Is there any way of setting this in ADS, i have tried messing around but have not been able to find anything of the sort, maybe I am missing something simple here. I really dont want to manuall add in labels into my plots thus would appreciate if someone can help with this. Hope it is clear what I am looking for, if any additional info is required, let me know.