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spectre -csfe +csfe with iccap

Question asked by swong02 on Jun 10, 2008
We have been using SPECTRE_DEFAULTS = -csfe option for Spectre for most of the stuff we do and didn't have any problems.

However, we have this one Spectre netlist that doesn't simulate with -csfe. So we have to switch to +csfe (which simulates fine).

However, ICCAP comes back with an error and no data is collected.

Error: Raw data file does not contain correct signal name.

We know the netlist works in Cadence environment, and Spectre ran fine. It is when ICCAP tries to read in the data that triggers this error.

I know this is a known problem. Is ICCAP going to support +csfe option in the future? Or is there a work around?