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Troubles launching components with AEL

Question asked by PMOREL on May 10, 2010
Hi everyone,

I have some troubles trying to launch components through a AEL script.
In fact I did it without problem with older ADS version (2006) but it seems not to work anymore (2009).

Here is the code line I use (I do not give above code which includes schematic opening and so on...):
decl init_comp = de_init_item("TimeDelay");

The error message is:
(..\..\..\projects\pde\ael\de600toDE.ael) TimeDelay
Failed to locate the component definition

It works fine with the following components:
decl init_comp = de_init_item("Port");
decl init_comp = de_init_item("GROUND");

but it doesn't also work with:
decl init_comp = de_init_item("MeasEqn");

Does anyone has a clue ? Best regards,