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Aperture Coupled Antenna

Question asked by nnayak82 on Apr 26, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by ANTMW1361
Hi folks
          I am designing an aperture coupled Patch Antenna for my Masters project. I am ready with all the paper calculations and would now like to implement the same in ADS Momentum . Here I am stuck up with a problem i.e. 'Mapping the substrates'
The aperture antenna looks like this 

My queries
1) How do I make a slot (known dimensions) in a ground plane in ADS ?
2) How do I map two substrates with a ground plane(with slot) in between?

I have previously designed and implemented a narrow band patch antenna in ADS Momentum. There I mapped the substrate (only 1) using the Momentum->Substrare->Create/Modify tab.