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Defining Parameters

Question asked by IAMDREWBROWN on Apr 26, 2010
When I try to define a parameter, and select the vertices that I would like to move, and then enter a number in the "delta x/y" box, it randomly grabs other vertices and moves those instead.  I have been able to get around it lately by simplifying my design prior to creating parameters.  However with my current design, I am unable to do that.  So If I try to grow a matching stub for instance, the design will grab random vertices, instead of the stub vertices, and move those instead.

It seemed like it use to work fine in ~2007-2008, then started to have bugs in 2009, and now it doesn't work at all unless I have very simple artwork.

Has anyone else found a fix for this, a work around, or some way to define parameters that doesn't always create invalid artwork?