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Re: read peculiar file .s2p (PNA power) using ADS

Question asked by mknutson Employee on Dec 16, 2008
To import power-swept s-parameters from PNA into ADS, there is currently not a direct way to import your PNA saved *.s2p file with power dependency...  Please note, there is open ADS enhancment request to add this direct capability CQI enh # EDA00187603.  However, there are in-direct ways to import it and, perhaps even better, there are alternative approachs like using ADS Connection Manager to directly grab power-swept s-parameters from PNA over support IO.  If you have any further question on this subject, please feel free to submit your specific concerns to your local Agilent EEsof technical support team for deeper assistance.

From my perspective, the most efficient way to do this would be to use the ADS Connection Manager(CM)’s power swept s-parameters (Behavioral Modeling) feature over closed-loop IO to directly capture PNA data and convert it to an ADS P2D file. (Alternatively, if there is no way to use ADS CM, then the best way is to convert from PNA data manually (Ex: touchstone/SnP to MDIF and then to P2D ASCII format—using your favorite text editor, or write an ADS AEL script to do it)). The PNA cannot directly create an ADS “P2D†